The benefits and reasons to go with LGD

In our generation plenty of disputes and issues between one another is enquiring

The old fashion way to solve a dispute will be to take it to court.

The problems with that are endless.

*Cost a fortune

*Takes long and unknown amount of time to resolve (especially nowadays with covid-19)

*Your dispute become public and open for every person to view on the legal archive 

*Small issues won’t be worth the trouble.

Besides the options of going to court there’s the option of arbitration.

Regular Arbitration is costly

It will be Mostly cheaper than going to court, but still will cost u thousands of dollars.

That’s the main reason “small” matters will stay unsolved.


Disputes and conflicts are unfortunate, no one likes to be in the middle of unsolved disputes.

Studies show disputes effecting our well-being and mental health.

It brings pressure and anxiety and even effect your sleep at night.

Even the smallest dispute can drive a person CRAZY

LGD resolves any kind of disputes or conflicts.

Our unique way to resolve disputes is guided and followed by the rules of The Old Testament 

U will be amazed to see how rules and laws started almost 5800 years ago are still more than accurate and helpful for our days.

The bible been discussed and commenters by Holly and righteous humans throughout history.

The Bible is the book that testaments the creation of the world and GOD’s Plan.

No matter of religious the bible available to anyone that wants to read it, be enlighten and get closer to GOD.

Our goal is not just solving disputes!

Our goal is to make peace between one another!

We want to help u make peace with anyone u are not in peace yet – Even with yourself if needed.

Our service is subsidized by an entity that want to contribute their part by helping reaching that goal.

That’s one of the reasons our service costs WAY less than any other solving disputes platform.

GOD is the one solving your disputes!

The people that will help u with your dispute are just messengers guided by his book and commentaries.

Our system solved hundreds of Disputes “face to face” in the past.

Today we can resolve your issue no matter where u located on the globe.