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Are you arguing with your wife? Do you and your neighbor disagree about an ongoing issue? Do you feel you can't see eye to eye with your work partner? Is there a significant dispute in your family over an old decision that was once acceptable? 

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We provide a unique service to bring an end to your disputes in an efficient,  effortless, and affordable manner. We hire top of the line dayen, who specializes in finding the right solutions, so both sides are happy. 

In a 1-3 time session,  coordinated to take place over a zoom meeting, which will take up to 2-5 hours total, a dayen will hear each side’s detailed standpoint, explain his thoughts on the matter, and rule based on the old testament’s rules. 

The bible has detailed instructions on how to rule, which are studied in depth over a few years, practiced in various courthouses before getting a Jewish judge’s desired degree. The main goal of a dayen is to bring peace into the world. 

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LGD was established to make the process of finding a solution for everyday disputes easier and quicker than any other option that already exists: from expensive layers at courts to long waiting times for a hearing at small claims court. No traveling is needed, as it will take place at your convenience from your home or office at a time that you choose. The ruling can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Both sides decide and sign in advance to let the judge rule and they will accept and honor his decision.
  2. Judge will find a suggestion which both sides agree upon,  and only once they both agree will they sign to honor the decision. 

LGD would like to introduce G-D's guidelines, as written in the bible. Not based on constantly changing rules and regulations by various countries and cultures, ruled by humans who have limited vision, based on their own experiences.